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Spring in the mountains: food for the soul

If you are sick of the long, dark winter, come to Highland County in the Spring. If you are sick of the city and so-called “civilization,” come to Highland County in the Spring. If you are sick of your job and the rat race,… Continue Reading “Spring in the mountains: food for the soul”


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Several years ago, a Highland County syrup producer received a question from a Maple Festival visitor, who mistakenly (but innocently) asked “Why do you charge so much for Maple Syrup when all you have to do is tap a tree and collect it in a bottle?” Believe me, some days our syrup producers wish the process was that easy.


Seeking easy, no-brainer plans for a perfect Valentine’s Day? We got ya covered. What’s more romantic than a lovey-dovey weekend getaway in a secluded, mountain cabin? Here are 7 Reasons to Gift an Escape to Blue Grass Cabin in Highland County, Virginia: #1: Free… Continue Reading “7 REASONS FOR A VALENTINE’S GETAWAY to blue grass cabin”

Maple Festival vs. Hands & Harvest – Which is Better?

Maple Festival brings 40,000 to 70,000 guests to Highland County, Virginia, every March. Hands & Harvest? Considerably less. Does that make Maple Festival better? You be the judge! Here’s a list of similarities and differences between the events. Which one suits you better? (We… Continue Reading “Maple Festival vs. Hands & Harvest – Which is Better?”

What’s a Wassail?: An Event for Cider-Lovers!

With all the cider craze these days, we have to ask: Have you ever heard of a Wassail? In a nutshell, wassailing is an old English custom performed to ensure a healthier apple orchard by walking through an orchard at night, scaring away evil… Continue Reading “What’s a Wassail?: An Event for Cider-Lovers!”

Top Wintertime Activities at the Cabin

Living in the city offers a variety of activities to enjoy at any given moment even in the winter. However, noisy traffic and the constant hustle and bustle of people can get old and monotonous. For our friends in nearby cities, such as Richmond,… Continue Reading “Top Wintertime Activities at the Cabin”

Three Free Fall Activities

Traveling on a budget is sometimes hard, but Blue Grass Cabin guests can easily have a memorable and relaxing time in Highland County with these free-to-inexpensive activities: BARN QUILT SELF-GUIDED TOUR: With over 50 barn quilts in Highland County, our mountain paradise is home… Continue Reading “Three Free Fall Activities”

Planning Tips for Hands & Harvest

Every year on the second full weekend in October, the Highland County Hands & Harvest Festival celebrates the culmination of the area’s agricultural production season with maple sugar camps, farm tours, apple butter, the Highland Farmers’ Market, maple doughnuts, local honey, local cider, and… Continue Reading “Planning Tips for Hands & Harvest”