Spring in the mountains: food for the soul

If you are sick of the long, dark winter, come to Highland County in the Spring.

If you are sick of the city and so-called “civilization,” come to Highland County in the Spring.

If you are sick of your job and the rat race, come to Highland County in the Spring.

If your soul needs renewal and you need to breathe fresh air, come to Highland County in the Spring.

Mind you, there will still be a need for a jacket, socks and warm clothes. This is Spring in the Mountains not Summer at the Beach!

The trip will be entirely worth it as you watch the natural changes in the season begin to take hold.

The sun is out a bit longer. The air is very crisp but warming more and more with each passing day. (Amen!) Crocuses are pushing through the cold ground searching for the smile and warm touch of the sun. The purple and yellow buds open to small hearty blooms that may even catch a dusting of snow … as the winter season makes its final stand before giving way to spring.

GET OUTSIDE. Bundle up if you need to … but get out into that fresh air. Lift your face to the Spring sun, and just enjoy that warmth. Enjoy it! We are given the gift of sunshine on so many days. But, rarely do we slow our pace to absorb it. Then, listen. Be very still, and listen. Listen for all the noises of nature. The things you miss everyday. Finding them on a quiet day is heavenly.

While taking a Spring walk, you might just run in to a neighbor!

WALK, RUN, HIKE, RIDE … take your pick! Just do something to get that fresh air into your lungs! Get your heart moving, the blood pumping, and enjoy your commune with nature. Here are some hikes we recommend!

BE A TOURIST. Take a ride down our lightly-traveled roads. Look for signs of the new life that Spring promises. You will find newborn lambs and calves. Look for budding trees and shrubs in the wilderness. You may not see any leaves coming out just yet but you might notice a light green hue coming over the mountain ranges as the buds begin opening.

SLEEP WITH THE WINDOW OPEN. On the chilly nights, just a crack will do. If you are lucky enough to find a night warm enough, throw open the sash! You will be thrilled and amazed at the grand night’s sleep you will get once that fresh, spring air infiltrates your chamber.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more relaxing setting for your morning cup of coffee.

COFFEE ON THE PORCH. The absolute best thing about the coming of Spring is the ability to take your first cup of coffee out onto the porch and enjoy it in the open air! Ahhhhhhhh…. It is just wonderful. If you set up shop on the porch in the morning, you can bet the entire household will follow. Some may complain the air is too brisk, so they’ll go inside and re-emerge with a coat or a blanket.

In short, Spring in Highland County is simply refreshing. Nature touches you. Our landscape touches you. The freshness of the seasonal air will touch you. And, it all comes with the promise of new life after the dark of winter … a pure and steadfast renewal of the soul.

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