Top Wintertime Activities at the Cabin


Living in the city offers a variety of activities to enjoy at any given moment even in the winter. However, noisy traffic and the constant hustle and bustle of people can get old and monotonous.

For our friends in nearby cities, such as Richmond, Roanoke, Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, and Washington DC, Blue Grass Cabin can provide a quick and inexpensive vacation to the hills of Highland County, where families can leave dirty, snow-slush streets for solitude, bonding time, and relaxation.

Reserve your winter or holiday stay at Blue Grass Cabin, which includes three bedrooms, two baths, a full kitchen and dining area, an outside deck, covered front porch, and a cozy family gathering area complete with a plush couch, recliner, and warm, stone fireplace. (View our full list of amenities here!)

To add to your stay, here is a list of 10 fun, snowy-day activity suggestions. Just stock up on some food items and a few supplies before you hit the road!

PLAY A BOARD GAME Monopoly, Clue, Trivial Pursuit… Pack some of your favorite family games, stop at the store to purchase your favorite snacks, slip on the cozy, comfy pajamas, and enjoy a family game night!

WATCH A CHRISTMAS MOVIE Could anything be better than watching a Christmas classic by the fire while sipping hot cocoa and cuddling in a big snuggly blanket? Hop on Netflix, and watch White Christmas. Or find Holiday Inn, The Christmas Story, or Prancer!

CREATE WINTER CRAFTS Set up Santa’s Workshop at the dining table. (Just make sure to lay a protective cover on the tabletop!) Create fun, handmade Christmas ornaments, sparkling pine cones, penguins from egg cartons, or your own customized snow globe. Here’s a link for more ideas!

A WALK IN THE WOODS Hugging the cabin is a beautiful forest where families can explore and learn about nature. Take a camera, photograph different birds or trees, then bring the images back to the cabin where you can research your findings!

ICE SKATING AT THE HOMESTEAD For around $15 to $25 per person (depending on the time of day and age of the individual), your family can make memories by gliding on the ice at the historic Omni Homestead resort, located in Hot Springs, Virginia, which is an approximate 45-minute drive from the cabin. (Before planning, please check the Omni Homestead hotel website for COVID-19 operations.)

RELAX WITH A COLORING BOOK Even though grown-ups might act skeptical about adult coloring books, you know they’d love them. Besides, it’s supposed to relieve stress, right? Grab a coloring book, some warm cider, and enjoy creating with the family! (A very personal keepsake for the scrapbooks!)

WINTER SPORTS AT SNOWSHOE Skiing, snowboarding, shopping, good restaurants, and more are laid out for families to peruse and enjoy at this mountain-top resort. Snowshoe, which is about 45 minutes away, also holds special events including concerts. Check out their website for more details! (Before planning, please check the Snowshoe Resort website for COVID-19 operations.)

BAKING PROJECTS Have you ever built a Gingerbread house? If not, your vacation at the cabin is a great place to start. Just stop at the store and pick up the ingredients on your way in. Decorative, seasonal sugar cookies are also a fun project – a treat to savor during that Christmas movie!

SNOW FUN Usually in January or February, you can find snow on the ground in Highland County. If so, let your imagination guide you! Build a snowman version of your family. OR! Each member of the group can build their own snow fort. Then… let the snowball fight commence! (Remember, there’s a warm fireplace and homemade hot chocolate inside afterwards!)

INDOOR CAMP OUT If there’s no snow on the ground, no worries! The weather is always right for an indoor fort made of blankets, chairs, and pillows! Set up camp in the living room or bedrooms, grab a story book (or coloring book!), and enjoy!

Living Room cropped
Relax in Front of our Cozy Fireplace

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