What’s a Wassail?: An Event for Cider-Lovers!

Big Fish Wassail pic
Big Fish Wassailers Preparing for their March to the Orchard

With all the cider craze these days, we have to ask: Have you ever heard of a Wassail?

In a nutshell, wassailing is an old English custom performed to ensure a healthier apple orchard by walking through an orchard at night, scaring away evil spirits that are harmful to the trees, and waking the tree spirits with gifts and a blessing. The folks at Big Fish Cider Co. in Monterey can surely explain the event to you! Take a look at the video below where Kirk Billingsley, Big Fish owner and cider maker, tells a little more about the tradition.

For updated event information and ticket prices, call Big Fish Cider at 540-468-2322.

For more information on Big Fish Cider, their products, awards, and events, visit their website at www.bigfishcider.com. And if you’re a big cider fan, consider becoming a member of the Big Fish Cider Club!

We hope to see you at the Wassail!

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