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Highland County is healing. Those who live here, visit here, and (most importantly) RECOVER here, can’t deny it. If you’re at a point in your life where you feel stuck, uninspired, or just plain, old burnt out, a getaway to the refreshing, wide open spaces of Highland County can be invigorating, uplifting, and sometimes even lift-changing.

At Blue Grass Cabin, we can offer you a tranquil getaway to calm down, collect yourself, cool off, take a break, kick your boots off, put your feet up, or whatever relaxation phrase is right for you. Additionally, we recommend these local activities or services that will aid in your restorative, mountain therapy:



Massage picOf course, the go-to when it comes to rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation is massage therapy. Licensed Massage Therapist Nicole Frye at Heart & Soul Massage in Monterey can quickly tell just what your body and mind (and heart and soul!) need to be repaired. Therapeutic massage, deep-tissue massage, hot stone massage, and Reiki are just a few services she offers. However, one huge thing Nicole gives to each and every client is her open ears, full attention, and compassion. She can tell what you need almost from the moment you walk through the door. With her years of experience and knowledge, she will, no doubt, leave you feeling much lighter, less knotted, and refreshed when you leave. (Just make sure to drink plenty of water afterwards! Also, plan for some post-massage nap time, too, just in case!)

To book an appointment, call Heart and Soul Massage at (540) 292-0568.



Emerald Mountain SanctuaryOriginally from Germany, retired clinical psychologist Annette Naber now lives at her Emerald Mountain Sanctuary, a 58-acre farm home that consists of pastures, forests, and a few small ponds. Given her professional history, desire to empower women, and passion for helping others, Annette along with her husband, Dan, have opened their little slice of Highland heaven to guests as a retreat and small conference center. Together, the couple offers workshops in self-care, stress management, life simplification, forest bathing, nature walks, journaling for self-therapy, backyard foraging, individual and group coaching sessions, and Yoga classes.

If you’re feeling lost with no direction, Annette is an absolute treasure that will provide valuable insight to experiences and methodology that could greatly help you gain significant clarity.

For more info on her services, visit the Emerald Mountain Sanctuary website!

HOT TIP: For the motorcycle enthusiasts out there, Annette’s husband, Dan, also owns and operates Allegheny Motorcycle Tours, which offers guided rides throughout Highland County and surrounding areas! He is in the process of building a motorcycle campground, which should be open to the public in spring of 2020.



Monterey Walking TrailMany come to Highland County for outdoor recreation. While there are several hiking trails in the area, most options are remote and out of cell service range. For those who just want a quick, relaxing stroll, check out the Monterey Walking Trail, which loops through the charming town and past our LOVEworks sign. (One can park at the Highland Pool Complex to start walking. The entrance to the complex can be found off Route 220 heading south out of Monterey.) The trail is equal parts nature, community, and quiet neighborhood and offers an approximate mile to mile-and-a-half stroll.

Once you’re done walking the loop, step through the rest of the town. Shop through thrift stores and flower and gift shops. Stop by the Walk of Honor and pay respects to Highland County’s veterans, and take in the view of our historic courthouse. (History Factoid: The current courthouse building is the second structure which was rebuilt after a fire JUMPED THE STREET(!!!) from a two-story store, which was formally situated on the current Summit Community Bank lot.)



Yoga 4Have you ever had a pain in the neck? Like an actual, serious, legit pain in your neck? Or your back? Hips?? As we all probably know, stress can physically manifest itself throughout our bodies. Yoga is a tool that can absolutely help with that!

No, it’s not about being flexible or finding inner peace (although it doesn’t hurt that either). It’s about postures and movement that will allow your muscles to loosen. It’s also about incorporating proper breathing techniques, which, let us tell you, can help stress and physical health tremendously. What’s more, this class, located at Sundance Studios & Productions, is for all levels – beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

Instructor Sage Tanguay starts each session by checking in with her class to determine what specific needs they have that day. She, then, progresses the customized lesson to her clients’ needs. As a result, her students are able to clear their minds, use their breath to relax, and walk away from her class feeling light and refreshed.

For a complete class schedule, visit the Sundance Studios & Productions website.



Barn QuiltImagine… Crusing along the back roads of Highland County with a kind-of treasure map. What are you in search of? Colorful, locally-created barn quilts. Like bright blooms popping from a green garden, these delightful pieces of artwork are creatively scattered throughout the countryside for travelers to enjoy on the first and largest barn quilt tour in Virginia (to our knowledge).

How to find them? Stop by the Highland Visitor Center on Spruce Street in Monterey or download the online brochure to find these vibrant treasures throughout the county.

Not only can you enjoy local artwork, but you can also experience Highland County’s scenic back roads and spectacular views while doing it!

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